Small Group FAQ’s
We believe that gospel growth is fostered when we gather together, and one of the key ways we do this is through Small Groups. These communities meet during the first weekend of each month to study the Bible and share life, building trust and having fun as they seek to live out our mission of showing the world what God looks like.


1. What is Small Group Ministry About?

The original church looked very different from what we now call “church”. There were no church grounds, no church building. In the beginning, CHURCH WAS PEOPLE! “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts” (Acts 2:46). Small groups were an integral part of the early church and vital to its life.  Small groups were used for a variety of purposes including: Provision, Communion and Worship, Evangelism, Prayer, and Encouragement.  (Acts 2:44-45, 2:32-37, 2:45-47, 5:42, 12:12, and 16:40)

The reality is that life change takes place most often as the result of a significant relationship with either an individual or a small number of individuals in community with one another. Small groups can provide a place for deep and lasting relationships. A well-balanced small group allows each person to participate in everything from tears, spiritual discussion and prayer to food and fun.

2. Who Oversees Small Group Ministry at Christ Community Church of Philadelphia?

The groups are organized and the topics and questions are prayerfully chosen by the pastoral leadership at Christ Community Church. Group leaders are trained in conducting their groups and maintaining a healthy, nurturing environment for their members. Group leaders regularly report to their pastoral supervisor on the organization, progress and growth of their group.

3. What Happens at Small Groups?

There is time for greetings and introductions to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. The host will introduce and lead the group in the discussion topic chosen for the weekend. All groups are given the same discussion topics. Everyone in the group is given the opportunity to share, ask questions and participate in heart-to-heart discussion around the theme.  You are encouraged to participate but are also welcome to just listen.

4. When and Where Do Small Groups Meet?

Groups meet during the first weekend of every month. They meet at the Small Group Host’s home at a time and day designated by the host. Our hosts are members of Christ Community Church who have cordially opened their homes. There are group homes located throughout the city and in the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia. You may choose a home close to you geographically or travel to other parts of the area.

5. How Long Do Groups Meet?

Groups generally meet for 2 hours. There is often food, games and other fun activities that go beyond that time frame if the group as a whole desires.

6. What Do I Need To Do To Participate in a Group?

After joining a group, the leader will contact you with any details you need for your meeting. They will also provide you with the discussion topic and/or questions prior to that day. This gives you the opportunity to review the subject ahead of time. If you haven’t gotten the topic, don’t let that stop you. Host homes are designed to be relaxed and accommodating environments.

7. What Do I Do If I Cannot Attend a Meeting?

Life gets busy and emergencies come up in all of our lives. You may not always be able to attend but we encourage you to come as often as possible.

8. Are My Children Welcome to Attend Small Group Meetings?

Yes. Children are welcome. You can discuss with your leader what activities and/or accommodations are made for children at your individual host home.

9. How Can I Become a Small Group Host Home?

Because our church family is ever expanding, there is an ongoing need for new host homes. You can contact us through the website or email our Small Group Coordinator (see question 10) to discover how, as a member of Christ Community, you can host a small group in your home.

10. How Do I Connect With A Small Group at Christ Community Church?

There are three easy ways to connect with a small group:

– You can complete a form in our Resource Center in the lobby of Christ Community on any Sunday morning following worship service.
– You can contact the church office at (215) 243-3630.
– You can email our Small Groups Coordinator directly at 
We are excited to get you connected!