Declarations for 2018

Health and Healing
I declare that in 2018 we will walk under the name of Jesus who is our healer. I declare that all the benefits of the blood of Jesus are manifest in our spirit, soul, and body right now. I declare that we walk under divine health and healing. I declare that even as we are growing older, we are strong, and we are like trees planted in the house of the Lord bringing forth fruit. I declare that our emotions are full of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We are filled with love, joy, peace, perseverance, endurance, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, meekness, and self-control today. I declare that every bit of sickness and malfunction must flee our bodies right now in Jesus’ Name and by His stripes. I declare that every muscle, joint, ligament, bone and organ functions as God intended. I declare that we will use wisdom in taking care of our bodies by practicing self-control, making healthier food choices and exercising. I declare healing over mental and developmental disorders. I bind up spirits of infirmities and afflicting spirits and I declare that they cannot return in Jesus’ Name. We know that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but that our Father has promised life to its fullest. Therefore, I declare the life of God to its fullest in our bodies, souls and spirits in the name of Jesus.
We declare strength and restoration over every marriage. Those areas in the past where the enemy has whispered lies of division and defeat, we declare victory, strength and hope. We declare that what God had brought together, no one will separate. We declare that 2018 will be the greatest year for marriages at Christ Community Church. We declare that prodigal children will come back to God and back to their parents in 2018. We declare that our children will grow in wisdom, stature, knowledge and favor just as Jesus did. We declare that parents will not feel alone, and God will draw close to them as they draw close to Him. We declare that we will fight for our families, our sons and daughters. We will fight for our spouses with the sword of the Word and the shield of faith. Our families will be strong, united and full of the Spirit of God in 2018, in Jesus’ name.
I declare that in 2018 our children are going to thrive. They will flourish in everything they set their hands to. I declare that our children are growing in wisdom, knowledge, stature and favor with God and with man. I declare that God is healing our children spiritually, physically and emotionally. I declare that our children will bring joy, peace and happiness to our families, communities, our church and this nation. God is doing a new thing in the lives of our children. I declare that in school they will finish better than expected. They will meet the right teachers and peers and have supernatural favor in every area. I declare that they have the mind of Christ. When they take test, the Lord will recall everything they have read, studied and heard. I declare that our children will be a shining light to others around them and that their friendships and relationships will be healthier than ever before. God is going to ordain and appoint peers and friends who will help propel them further into their purpose, destiny and calling. I declare a supernatural hedge of protection over our children and our students. Everywhere they go, the Lord goes before them. I declare that in 2018 our children will have a true and lasting encounter with the presence of our loving Father God and become strong and firm in their identity as His beloved children, in Jesus name.
Grade School
I declare that God loves us and since He is on our side we cannot be beaten. I declare that we are leaders, God gives us great ideas and we are powerful. I declare that in 2018 we will think godly and right thoughts, speak words of life and make good decisions even when it’s tough. I declare that our faith is growing, and we are becoming the sons and daughters God has made us to be. I declare that God is going to use us to release His power and love to the students and teachers around us. I declare that we have great wisdom, knowledge and understanding about all of our subjects in school. We will study and learn and do great in our testing without fear and anxiety. Because of Jesus, we are loved and 100% blessed and we can’t wait to see how God’s goodness and blessings will show up in our lives and through our lives. In Jesus name.
High School
I declare that we know and embrace that we are sons and daughters of God. He is our loving Father and provides every one of our needs. I declare that in 2018 we will speak the Words of God and those words will direct our lives. I declare that we are leaders. We will learn to hear God’s voice and not be moved or turned away by the other voices and temptations around us. I declare that peer pressure will not lead us to bad choices but that we will be strong in God and in the power of His might. I declare that God is going to use us to release His power and love to the students and teachers around us. I declare that we have great wisdom, knowledge and understanding about all of our subjects in school. We will study and learn and do great in our testing without fear and anxiety. I declare that as we are choosing our schools, colleges and career choices for our future, we seek God’s will and godly counsel for the direction He wants for us. I declare that each day in 2018 will be a blessed day and God will do great things for His kingdom through our lives, in Jesus name.
Forgiveness and Freedom
from Strongholds
I declare for all of us that in 2018, we will walk in new levels of forgiveness. We will not bring back mistakes of the past into 2018. Instead we will receive God’s gifts of forgiveness. We will forgive others and we will forgive ourselves. I declare that not one day in 2018 will we live under guilt, shame, regret or condemnation because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I declare that we quickly forgive, even deeply hurtful things that have been done in the past. We will draw a line in the sand and won’t allow a root of bitterness grow in our hearts. As we extend and receive forgiveness, 2018 will be our biggest year of freedom, abundance and victory because of what Jesus has done for us. God is our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer, our Healer and our Shield who we can depend on. I declare in 2018, freedom from addictions, and all oppression, bondage and strongholds in the name of Jesus. I declare freedom in the name of Jesus.
College Students
I declare that as college students we will begin to discover and walk in our identity in Christ. I declare that we hear the voice of God clearly and find that place of love, trust and joy as His sons and daughters. I declare that we will discover the gifts and callings on our lives and submit ourselves to God’s plan for our lives. I declare that we will excel and exceed all expectation in what we have chosen to study. I declare that wisdom, knowledge and favor will flow, and we will have outstanding success in every class, lab and internship. I declare jobs, internships, Masters and Doctorate degrees and abundant resources for every educational goal. I declare success in balancing every aspect of our busy lives; classes, jobs, work, church and friendship are balanced and productive. We will not fear the future but trust God’s continuing direction for our lives and careers. 
I declare that right relationships will be added, and wrong ones will be weeded out. I declare that each relationship will be anchored in love, trust, peace and grace like never before. I declare supernatural direction and favor with roommates, friends and especially those of the opposite sex. I declare that each student will seek their place in a local church and student organization that will provide strength, help, support, prayer and fellowship. I declare that as each one of us grow and may make mistakes, that we run to God for the love, forgiveness and restoration He desires to give, and we will grow stronger in the victory. I declare that we are not afraid to live differently from those around us and we will fearlessly represent the Kingdom of God on our campuses, with our families and in every future destination, in Jesus name.
Businesses and Workplaces
I declare success in our businesses and workplaces today. Let our businesses and performance on our jobs be of great service to others, flourishing through decency, honesty and respect for our colleagues and customers. I declare that we will show love, honor and respect to our employees, coworkers and colleagues and they will recognize God’s life in us. I declare that favor, wisdom and success follow us everywhere we go, and we are a blessing to other businesses and to our communities. I declare that our entire region will grow and flourish financially because of the favor and influence you are giving to our lives. I declare that we are strong and courageous, making wise decisions guided by the Holy Spirit, and are not terrified or discouraged. We declare that we will maintain our integrity as children of our Father God and our light will bring help, hope, strength and Kingdom transformation to everyone we encounter. I declare wisdom and calm so that we can rightly access every situation and bring peace and productivity to our businesses and our work environment. In Jesus Name.
Finance and Prosperity
Father we thank you that in 2018, our finances are blessed. I declare promotions, raises, debt cancellation, scholarships and supernatural provision over every family at Christ Community. I declare that each person is developing into a Christ-like giver. We are liberal and obedient stewards of God’s resources. I declare that the spirits of wisdom, discipline and generosity will dominate our financial lives and we will see God’s provision pressed down, shaken together and running over in our lives. Father we know you will meet every need exceeding, abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Father, You will rebuke the devourer for our sake. I declare that in 2018 everything we put our hands to will prosper and succeed. We will have more than enough to meet our needs and be a blessing to others. I declare that God will break the spirit of poverty off of each family and each bloodline. I declare that God will bless us with the power to gain wealth and that we will advance His kingdom with our generosity, in Jesus name.
Our Church
God, You are in control. You are sovereign. You are seated on the throne, not just in our individual lives, but over our families, our city and our region. Therefore, we declare that peace is being restored to our lives and everything that has been lost is being redemed. We declare that Christ Community is living in God’s love, grace and freedom. We declare that 2018 will be our best year yet. We declare that this year, we will seek God first. We will commit all of our plans and goals to Him. We will receive His supernatural wisdom, guidance, direction and favor to achieve them. We declare that this year, we will walk in the Word of God and in the power of his Holy Spirit. We declare that we will see signs, miracles and wonders. We declare that we will see mountains moved and see God make ways out of no way. We declare that we will see God do exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine. We declare that this year, we will see God’s Kingdom come and His will done here on earth in and through our lives. In Jesus Name.